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We’ve Taken the Best of Global Practice and Wrapped it Into a Truly Patient-Centred Model

Making Good Primary Care, Better


The Health Care Home is a primary health care model that gives patients more control, the practice team an environment where quality of care and innovation can flourish. It enables truly proactive, coordinated care for those that need it most breaking down the professional and system barriers that we know prevent patients from getting the best care.

Many of our practices have made the change — have a look at some of their stories.

Model Overview

Like many other primary care systems, our population and workforce demographic data showed us that if we didn’t make changes to how we provided services many of our practices would struggle to maintain the service they provided. We could also see how technology is changing the way people manage their lives. We wanted to lead the way in ensuring our people could have more control over their health, more access to technology that helps them stay well and a partnership model of care with their health care team when they need it.

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Key Elements of the Model

Valuing Patients’ and GPs’ Time

Clinical triage makes sure the right patients get the GPs face to face time and those that don’t need to visit the practice get safe, quality care on the phone – quickly. Saving time for the patient where we can.

Proactive Planned Care for Those That Need it Most

We work in partnership with patients and their family to plan as much of their care as possible and making sure that care plan is available in real time for everyone that needs to see it. This reduces the need for urgent, ad-hoc care.

Traditional Values, New Delivery Models

We keep what’s valued by patients and staff in the small and local practice model but introduce advanced virtual care options smarter clinical workflows, new roles and a modern, responsive call management system

How do we Know the Model Works?

Well, we collect and analyse a range of data that shows us how much patient time we’ve saved creating alternative ways to receive clinical care such as email and telephone and how much clinical capacity has been created for people that need a practice visit. Our patients value the fact that 97% of calls to their practice are answered  within 40seconds. Our staff tell us they wouldn’t go back to the old way of working and our activity data shows we’re having a positive impact on the system as a whole.  It’s the outcomes we focus on and we have proved it works in small and large practices, urban and rural.

“The concept of the Health Care Home is really fantastic for patients with chronic diseases and long-term conditions. Proactive pre-planning saves a lot of repeated visits.”

Penny Clark
Clinical Pharmacist, NorthCare Hamilton

“After adopting the Health Care Home I am enjoying general practice again.It’s better for my patients and better for us. If we hadn’t made the change I would have walked away”

Dr Tertius Coetzer
Health Te Aroha, Te Aroha

“Learning about the Health Care Home has presented us with a positive plan to make a better practice for patients and make a better working environment for ourselves”

Dr Antony Smit, GP,
Hauraki Plains Health Centre

Health Care Home Primary Care Provider

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@beckygeorge06 @virtualruth @AlliedAlex Choice has been the core principle of the Health Care Home. Debunked the myth that older people don’t want online care and all younger people do. Depends on what consult is for and how much the practice has promoted and supported patients to engage with different modes.

HCH collaborative continues to support the wider Primary Care Network through delivery of resources read our latest media release @NZDoctor_news @compasshealthnz @ProCareHealthNZ @pinmhnmd

NZ virtual care resources for video, online and telephone consults are now available on the @HCHcollab website. Access them here

#ICYMI Health care homes go a long way towards easing the ED overload, GP Jim Vause writes @RNZCGP, @YourNZMA @NZDoctor_news @NZMAchair @CountryGPs

So we are 2 weeks into our Healthcare Home journey and , of course, my favourite part so far is the daily staff huddle - GPs, nurses and admin. A wonderful way for us all to connect and start the day as a team. Simple but so effective! @HCH_NZ @HCHcollab @pinmhnmd

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