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Pinnacle Health Care Home Practices

17 practices throughout our region have adopted the Health Care Home model to date, providing care for over 110,000 patients. We put a hold on new practices adopting the model whilst we focused on developing our brand new patient information system, Indici, that is a core enable. Now that has gone live we have an ambitious programme of growth.

The practices are a mixture of urban and rural, large and small practices and include very low-cost access (VLCA) practices, which shows how easily Health Care Home can be adapted to fit an individual practice’s needs.

We have developed a dynamic Health Care Home practice community, holding regular peer groups to share best practice, experiences and overall learning. Our discussions also help to inform the development of the model as we trial new ways of providing the core elements and monitor the outcomes. All our practice teams feedback how useful this is for them in implementing the model locally. Once a year, we hold our Pinnacle Health Care Home Symposium, reviewing model outcomes, new developments and opportunities for networking between the practice teams.

So How Does a Practice Make the Change?

The Health Care Home team work closely with a practice over three phases of model implementation

A non-financial and financial modelling process to assess the opportunity and financial viability of the model to inform the owner’s decision

A series of workshops with the practice team to create their own implementation plan based on delivering the model outcomes and national standards.

Ongoing support and review to embed the model as business as usual

It takes, on average, 18 months to two years to make a successful change.

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National Roll-Out of the Health Care Home and the New Zealand Health Care Home Collaborative

Other networks in New Zealand are rolling out this model too with over 128 practices having made the change. We have partnered with Pegasus Health in Canterbury, Compass Health in Wellington and Procare in Auckland to form the New Zealand Health Care Home Collaborative. The Collaborative, governed by a Board representing the Ministry of Health, PHOs, DHBs and consumer organisations, has set the standards for a Health Care Home practice and is working with the Royal College of GPs on accreditation. It will also facilitate ongoing evaluation, shared learning and development of supporting resources. Other PHOs adopting the model are now joining the Collaborative for support and accreditation.

Please contact us if your would like more information or would like to join the Collaborative.

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After many years of people telling us we need to change this is the first time there has been tailored practical support, resource and positive collaboration to move forward and embrace the future of primary health care. Why wouldn’t you?

Dr Janet Mills

Strandon Health Centre

The  Health Care Home has helped our practice move towards much better patient centred care, increasing our efficiency and productivity. To be able to provide multiple channels of contact with your patients, provide same-day access to those that need it as well as focusing on those that need more time and assistance has helped our practice work effectively and consistently. We wouldn’t go back to the old way of doing things

Dr Giles Turner

Taupo Medical Centre

Every day we come across patients who are thankful they did not have to come into the practice for an appointment, to arrange a referral or discuss test results as they have been easily dealt with on the phone or through email, and solid planning for their care has been arranged.

Dr Brendon Eade

Health Te Aroha

The online patient portal is a new way for patients to manage their health anytime and anywhere, similar to why internet banking has become so popular.

Dr Rene Lenoir

Pihanga Health

Health Care Home Practice
Commenced Model
NorthCare Pukete PHCL 2011
NorthCare Thomas Road PHCL 2011
NorthCare Grandview PHCL 2011
Mercury Bay Medical Centre Private 2011
Health Te Aroha Private 2012
Waihi Beach Medical Centre PHCL 2013
Tokoroa Medical Centre Private 2013
Coromandel Family Health Centre Private 2014
Taupo Health Centre Private 2015
Avon Medical Centre PHCL 2016
The Lake Surgery Shared 2015
Pihanga Health Shared 2015
Taupō Medical Centre Private 2015
Victoria Clinic Private 2015
Hauraki Plains Health Centre Private 2016
Strandon Health Private 2018
Owhata Medical Centre PHCL 2019
Devon Medical Centre Private 2019
Tui Ora Family Health Trust 2019
Regional Health Care Home Coverage