Our Health Care Home Journey

Our Health Care Home journey began in 2008. Knowing general practice needed to respond to the changing demographic environment we made trips to the UK and Europe to explore primary care innovation. In 2010 we visited Group Health in Seattle to hear about their Medical Home innovations and the outcomes they were achieving for patients, their workforce and system. We also visited Boeing and were impressed by the enormous efficiencies they had created building aeroplanes using Lean methodology.

We then took all this learning, held intensive workshops with a wide range of clinicians, providers and a visiting Boeing team. We created our own ‘Model of Care’ sensitive to the New Zealand context that would future proof general practice from the future challenges of rising demand and an ageing workforce. Our first Health Care Home practices were established in April 2011. Whilst implementation and the core model elements have evolved based on experience and outcomes the core principles underpinning the model have not changed.

Core Health Care Home Principles

Supporting general practice to be the health care hub and care co-ordinator for its enrolled patients, acting as the system integrator with the patient at the centre

  • Improving access by offering alternative options for patients via email and telephone
  • Targeting of face to face consultations to those that need them most
  • Proactive care planning for all patients.
  • Longer appointments for those with more complex needs
  • Valuing patient and clinician time so ensuring both are used effectively
  • Shifting general practice from a reactive service to one where all consultations are planned with the patient
  • Moving to a shared, cloud-based patient information system to enable timely care and effective co-ordination of activity.
  • Expanding the primary care team with new roles
  • Removing waste in practice systems and processes that add no value to the patient the practice or the system.
Health Care Home Model
Hear About the Staff and Patient
Experience of the Health Care Home