Patient Partners

Working with our patients as partners

A core principle of the Health Care Home is to work with patients as equal partners in their health care. Our Patient Partner Framework reflects a general move to consumerism in many sectors, ensuring patients have more control over the services they receive and how they receive them. Smartphone apps are enabling an increased level of self-management apps and the global shift of care to the virtual space where appropriate is challenging the traditional model of general practice. We have various activities with patients in developing this aspect of the Health Care Home model.

Our Patient Partner Framework involves activity in a number of areas:

Practice-based Patient
Participation Groups

Our aim is to have one active in every Health Care Home practice. See here how our Tokoroa Medical Centre group operates and the benefits they are seeing below.

Focus groups

We hold focus groups to dig deeper into the core elements of the Health Care Home from a patient perspective. Recent focus groups with Maori Kaumātua on our Year of Care process identified the need to make improvements in how family and carers are involved in all aspects of communication and care.


A representative group of patients have been critical to the design and development of Indici, our new Patient Information system.


Our framework includes a mixed methodology for working with patients to hear, and act on, their experience of our services. This includes annual surveys and real-time feedback systems in practices.

Patient Partners - Pinnacle Midlands Health Network

Tokoroa Medical Centre Patient Participation Group

PPG started in April 2016 and has 6-8 regular members. It operates on the principle of ‘for the patients, by the patients’ with the Practice Manager attending and providing support. Working to agreed Terms of Reference and meeting monthly, the group have instigated a number of service improvements including:

  • Extended the practice opening time four nights a week.
  • Installing seating in the foyer for patients waiting for taxis and lifts.
  • Changes to the Patient information leaflet in reception.
  • Raised money to provide transport around the practice and hospital site.
Patient Outcomes