Connecting Services Better

As well as redesigning the model of general practice the Health Care Home also supports improved coordination of care across the health and social care system, wrapping an integrated extended care team around those people with more complex needs. Indici, our new Patient Information System enables specialist and community providers to connect virtually to a single patient record to deliver integrated care. One patient, one record, not team in action.

We are creating an environment where smart care is the norm. The Health Care Home is about Integrating a patient’s care pathway and ensuring more collaboration between teams, the patient and their whanau.. It makes accessing services easier for all families, including disadvantaged and disengaged ones, at a time and place that suits them.

This will mean babies are more likely to be immunised, children will begin to learn about accessing health services at a young age, and families will feel supported as they raise their children. It means that those requiring a high level of care feel supported, in control and know who their care team members are.

We are working with our District Health Boards to develop single, inter-disciplinary teams that operate as extended practice teams working to the principles of one assessment, one care plan and one team.

Integrated Healthcare

Taupo district nurses and practice nurses plan better care together

Taranaki DHB

We are working together with other community providers to establish a business case for a fully integrated health system across primary and secondary care.

Lakes DHB

From August this year district nurses are better connected to our four Health Care Home practices in the locality, sharing patient information electronically, jointly planning care for those with more complex needs and developing a single out of hospital nursing team.

Hauora Tairawhiti

We are in the process of establishing the integrated nursing team model as a foundation for the Health Care Home environment.

“As a sector, we’ve spent many years talking about integration and better-coordinated care. We just need to get on and do it. The Health Care Home creates the right environment for delivering smarter care for our patients more efficiently.”

Helen Parker

General Manager, Health Care Home Strategic Development